Waller County, Texas


On Monday, June 25, 2018, Citizens Against the Landfill in Hempstead (CALH) learned that Green Group Holdings LLC (GGH) will no longer pursue a permit to build the Pintail Landfill in Hempstead.

The press release issued by GGH announced that the company will abandon pursuit of the Pintail Landfill permit on the property along Hwy 6 near Hempstead, bringing welcome news that CALH and its many supporters have been waiting to hear for a long time. Based on past experience, however, some will not feel totally at ease until the property is sold by GGH and a beneficial use for the property is found. Nevertheless, it does appear that CALH’s members and supporters have achieved the near impossible and a huge victory for our small, determined community by never accepting the ‘It’s a Done Deal’ argument.


Citizens Against the Landfill in Hempstead (CALH) has been fighting to prevent the Pintail Landfill project, proposed for a 723 acre property called the Rainey Ranch, just one mile north of US 290 on Hwy 6, near Hempstead, Texas.